10 Unique DIY Planters For Urban Gardeners

Are you an urban gardener looking for creative ways to display your plants? Look no further! This article gathers 10 unique DIY planters that will add a touch of personality to your urban garden. From repurposed household items to stunning handmade creations, these planters will not only beautify your space but also showcase your green thumb in style. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting out, there’s something here for everyone. Get ready to discover new and exciting ways to elevate your gardening game!

10 Unique DIY Planters For Urban Gardeners

Hanging Planters

Macrame Plant Hangers

Macrame plant hangers have become a popular choice for urban gardeners who want to add a touch of bohemian style to their homes. These planters are made using macrame techniques, which involve knotting cords together to create intricate patterns. Hanging your plants in macrame plant hangers not only adds a stylish and unique look to your space but also helps save precious floor space. With a wide range of designs and colors available, you can easily find the perfect macrame plant hangers to complement your indoor or outdoor decor.

Repurposed Tire Planters

Looking for an eco-friendly way to add some greenery to your space? Repurposing old tires as planters is a great solution. By giving these discarded tires a new lease on life, you not only reduce waste but also create eye-catching planters for your urban garden. To transform an old tire into a planter, simply clean it thoroughly, paint it in a color of your choice, and fill it with soil and your favorite plants. These repurposed tire planters are not only durable but also provide a unique and creative touch to any garden or patio.

Bottle Planters

When it comes to upcycling, bottle planters are an excellent choice for urban gardeners. Plastic bottles, glass bottles, and even wine bottles can be repurposed into charming planters. From hanging bottle planters to wall-mounted bottle planters, the possibilities are endless. By cutting and shaping the bottles, adding drainage holes, and filling them with soil and plants, you can create stunning and eco-friendly planters for your small space. Let your creativity flow and turn those empty bottles into beautiful containers that will bring life and color to your urban garden.

Vertical Planters

Pallet Vertical Planter

Vertical planters are an ideal solution for urban gardeners with limited space. Pallet vertical planters allow you to maximize your planting area by utilizing vertical space. By attaching small planters to a pallet and standing it up against a wall or fence, you create a vertical garden that is both practical and visually appealing. Pallets can easily be found or acquired for free, making this DIY project a budget-friendly option. Whether you choose to plant herbs, flowers, or succulents, a pallet vertical planter adds a touch of greenery to any urban environment.

Shoe Organizer Wall Planter

Don’t let your old shoe organizer go to waste! Instead, repurpose it into a unique wall planter. Shoe organizer wall planters are an innovative way to create a vertical garden without taking up valuable floor or table space. Simply attach the shoe organizer to a wall, fill each compartment with soil and plants, and watch your urban garden come to life. This DIY project is not only practical but also adds a touch of creativity to your space. Utilize different plant varieties and colors to create an eye-catching living wall.

Soda Bottle Tower Garden

For a truly unique and space-saving vertical planter, consider creating a soda bottle tower garden. This DIY project involves stacking multiple soda bottles and planting various herbs or flowers in each one. By using a drip irrigation system, you can easily water all the plants in the tower garden, ensuring they receive the necessary moisture for healthy growth. The soda bottle tower garden is an excellent choice for urban gardeners who want to grow their own fresh herbs or small vegetables but have limited space. Plus, it provides a visually appealing and conversation-starting centerpiece for any urban garden.

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Upcycled Planters

Teacup Planters

Teacup planters add a touch of whimsy to any urban garden and are a perfect option for repurposing old or mismatched teacups. Transform those vintage teacups that are gathering dust in your cupboard into charming planters that bring a unique and elegant touch to your space. Simply fill the teacup with soil and plant your favorite small plant or succulent. Teacup planters make excellent gifts or conversation starters when placed on windowsills or tabletops. The possibilities are endless when it comes to combining different teacups and plant varieties to create a personalized and eye-catching arrangement.

Wine Cork Planters

If you’re a wine enthusiast, you’ll love this creative and eco-friendly planter idea. Wine cork planters allow you to repurpose those used corks into small containers for small plants or succulents. Simply hollow out the center of the cork, add a small amount of soil and your chosen plant, and you have a unique and sustainable planter. Wine cork planters can be placed on windowsills, desks, or even hung on walls for a distinctive urban garden display. Plus, they make excellent conversation pieces and gifts for fellow wine lovers.

Book Planters

For bookworms and plant enthusiasts, book planters are the perfect combination of two passions. Transform old and unused books into unique planters that add a touch of literary charm to your urban garden. By carefully cutting out a section of the book, creating a hollow space, and lining it with plastic or waterproof material, you can create a functional planter that holds small plants or succulents. Book planters are not only visually appealing but also provide a clever way to display your favorite plants while adding a touch of nostalgia to your home.

Repurposed Containers

Mason Jar Planters

Mason jars are versatile and charming containers that can be easily repurposed as planters for urban gardens. These glass jars provide a rustic and vintage touch to any space. Whether you hang them from the ceiling or display them on a windowsill, mason jar planters beautifully showcase your favorite plants or herbs. By adding drainage holes and filling them with soil, you can create a small, self-contained ecosystem that adds a touch of greenery to your home. Mason jar planters are an excellent choice for those who appreciate a cozy and farmhouse-style aesthetic.

Paint Can Planters

Repurposing old paint cans as planters is a creative way to add an industrial and edgy vibe to your urban garden. These sturdy containers can be easily transformed into unique and eye-catching planters by cleaning them thoroughly and adding a fresh coat of vibrant paint. Paint can planters are an ideal solution for those with limited space, as they can be hung on walls, fences, or balcony railings. Their durable construction ensures that they can withstand outdoor elements, making them a durable and stylish addition to any urban garden.

Old Tins Planters

Do you have a collection of vintage tins lying around? Repurpose them as planters to add a touch of nostalgia to your urban garden. Old tins, whether they were once used for storage or packaging, can make excellent planters for your favorite small plants or herbs. Simply clean them thoroughly, add drainage holes, and fill them with soil and your chosen greenery. The colorful and retro designs of old tins add a unique and playful element to your space while providing a functional container for your plants. Place them on windowsills, shelves, or outdoor tables for an eclectic and charming urban garden display.

10 Unique DIY Planters For Urban Gardeners

Creative Planters

Upcycled Bicycle Wheel Planter

Do you have an old bicycle wheel collecting dust in your garage? Put it to good use by transforming it into a stunning planter. An upcycled bicycle wheel planter is a unique and eye-catching addition to any urban garden. Simply remove the spokes from the wheel, attach a sturdy frame or stand, and fill it with soil and plants. The circular shape of the wheel provides a perfect framework for a lush and vibrant arrangement. Place this creative planter in your garden, on your patio, or even indoors as a conversation-starting piece of art.

Rain Boot Vertical Garden

Have a pair of rain boots that are too worn out to be worn? Repurpose them into a vertical garden that adds a whimsical and playful touch to your urban space. By attaching the rain boots to a wall or fence using hooks or nails, you can create a unique and eye-catching display. Fill each boot with soil and your favorite plants or flowers, and watch as your urban garden comes to life. Rain boot vertical gardens are not only practical and space-saving but also provide a charming and imaginative element to your outdoor or indoor space.

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Hanging Gutter Garden

If you’re looking to maximize your planting space and add a modern twist to your urban garden, consider creating a hanging gutter garden. By attaching gutters horizontally to a wall or fence, you can create a unique and efficient gardening system. The gutters act as individual planters, allowing you to grow a variety of herbs, flowers, or vegetables in a compact and organized way. Hanging gutter gardens make use of vertical space while providing an aesthetically pleasing and functional solution for urban gardeners. Plus, they are easily customizable and can fit any space, whether it’s a small balcony or a larger garden.

Indoor Planters

Wine Crate Herb Garden

Bring the charm of the countryside into your urban home with a wine crate herb garden. Wine crates not only provide a rustic and vintage touch but also offer a practical and organized way to grow your favorite herbs indoors. By filling each compartment of the wine crate with soil and planting different herbs, you can create a small and functional herb garden that adds flavor and freshness to your culinary creations. Place the wine crate herb garden on your kitchen countertop or windowsill, and enjoy the convenience and beauty of having your herbs within easy reach.

Hanging Glass Terrariums

For urban gardeners who love the beauty and elegance of glass, hanging glass terrariums are a perfect choice. These delicate and mini ecosystems allow you to create a unique and captivating display of succulents, air plants, or small ferns. The transparent glass allows you to admire the plants’ intricate details while adding a touch of whimsy to your indoor space. Hang the glass terrariums from the ceiling or place them on shelves or tables, and watch as they become focal points of your urban garden.

Succulent Cork Planters

Succulents are low-maintenance plants that thrive in small containers, making them ideal for urban gardening. Take your succulent planters to the next level by repurposing wine corks into tiny pots. By hollowing out the center of the cork and inserting a small succulent, you create miniature planters that are both charming and sustainable. Succulent cork planters can be displayed individually on windowsills or grouped together to create a beautiful and visually appealing arrangement. These adorable and eco-friendly planters are perfect for adding a touch of greenery to your urban space.

10 Unique DIY Planters For Urban Gardeners

Recycled Wood Planters

Wooden Box Planters

Recycled wooden boxes make excellent planters for urban gardeners who appreciate a rustic and eco-friendly aesthetic. These versatile containers can be customized and repurposed in various sizes and shapes to suit your gardening needs. Whether you use reclaimed wood or opt for DIY wooden box planter kits, these planters provide a sturdy and attractive solution for growing your favorite plants or herbs. Display them on your patio, balcony, or windowsill, and enjoy the organic charm they bring to your urban garden.

Pallet Planter Box

Pallets are a versatile and cost-effective material that can be easily repurposed into planter boxes for urban gardens. By disassembling a pallet and reassembling it into a box shape, you create a rugged and unique planter that adds character to your outdoor space. Pallet planter boxes are ideal for growing flowers, herbs, or small vegetables and can be placed on the ground or elevated on legs. Their rustic appearance and durability make them a popular choice for urban gardeners who want to add a touch of rustic charm to their gardens.

Tree Stump Planter

If you have a tree stump in your yard that’s in need of a creative transformation, repurpose it into a planter. By hollowing out the center of the stump and adding soil and your chosen plants, you turn an ordinary stump into a stunning and natural planter. Tree stump planters provide a rustic and organic look to your outdoor space and can be placed anywhere in your garden or yard. They are not only visually appealing but also add a touch of nature and greenery to your urban environment.

Unique Planters for Small Spaces

Tin Can Herb Garden

Don’t let limited space stop you from growing your own herbs. Tin can herb gardens are an excellent solution for urban gardeners with small balconies or windowsills. Repurpose tin cans by cleaning them thoroughly, adding drainage holes, and filling them with soil and herbs. Attach the cans to a wooden board or hang them individually, and enjoy the convenience of having fresh herbs right at your fingertips. Tin can herb gardens not only add a touch of charm to your small space but also provide the opportunity to grow and use your own herbs in cooking or cocktails.

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Cinder Block Planters

Cinder blocks may seem like an unconventional choice for planters, but they offer a practical and affordable solution for urban gardeners with limited space. By stacking cinder blocks and filling the cavities with soil and plants, you create a versatile and customizable planter. The holes in the cinder blocks can be used to plant herbs, succulents, and even small flowers. Cinder block planters are not only functional but also provide an industrial and modern aesthetic to your garden or balcony. Plus, they can be easily moved or reconfigured to suit your changing gardening needs.

Vertical Shoe Rack Planter

Repurpose your old shoe rack into a vertical garden that brings a unique and practical touch to your small urban space. By attaching small planters or containers to the shoe rack, you create a multi-level garden that maximizes your planting space. Whether you choose to plant herbs, flowers, or succulents, the vertical shoe rack planter provides a visually appealing and space-saving solution. Hang it on walls or fences, or place it on your balcony or patio, and enjoy the beauty and functionality of this creative planter.

10 Unique DIY Planters For Urban Gardeners

Repurposed Furniture Planters

Drawer Planter

Are you about to discard an old drawer? Hold on! Repurpose it into a one-of-a-kind planter that adds a touch of vintage charm to your urban garden. By lining the drawer with plastic or waterproof material, adding drainage holes, and filling it with soil and plants, you create a unique and eye-catching planter. Drawer planters can be placed on the ground, used as centerpieces, or hung on walls for a creative and functional display. The versatile and spacious nature of drawers allows you to experiment with different plant varieties and arrangements, adding a personalized touch to your urban garden.

Old Chair Planter

Turn an old and worn-out chair into a statement piece for your urban garden by repurposing it into a planter. By removing the seat or cutting out a hole in the seat, you create a space to hold your plants. Place a plastic or waterproof lining inside the chair to protect it from water damage. Old chair planters not only provide a unique and unexpected focal point in your garden but also give a second life to an otherwise discarded piece of furniture. Fill the chair with colorful flowers or cascading vines, and watch it become a whimsical and charming addition to your outdoor space.

Vintage Suitcase Planter

Vintage suitcases are not just for travel; they can also be repurposed into stylish and functional planters. By lining the suitcase with plastic or waterproof material and adding drainage holes, you create a quirky and whimsical planter that adds character to your urban garden. Fill the suitcase with soil and plants, and place it on the ground, on a table, or even hang it from a hook or tree branch. Vintage suitcase planters provide a unique and nostalgic touch, evoking memories of travel and adventure while showcasing your favorite plants in a creative way.

Containers with Water-Conserving Features

Self-Watering Bottle Planter

For busy urban gardeners who may forget to water their plants regularly, self-watering bottle planters are a game-changer. By repurposing plastic bottles as planters and creating a wicking system, you can ensure that your plants receive a steady supply of water without the need for constant monitoring. These self-watering bottle planters are not only convenient but also eco-friendly, as they make use of recycled materials. Simply fill the bottle with water, insert a wick or absorbent material into the soil, and watch as your plants thrive with minimal effort.

Wicking Raised Bed Planter

Raised beds are a popular choice for urban gardeners, as they provide a convenient and efficient way to grow a variety of plants in a small space. Add a water-conserving feature to your raised bed by creating a self-watering wicking system. By placing a water reservoir at the bottom of the bed and adding a layer of wicking material, you create a self-sustaining system that delivers water directly to the roots. This wicking raised bed planter ensures that your plants receive the optimal amount of water while conserving water and reducing the need for frequent watering.

Rain Barrel Planter

Rainwater is a valuable resource for any urban gardener, and a rain barrel planter allows you to harness this natural source of hydration for your plants. By repurposing a rain barrel as a planter, you not only conserve water but also create a self-sustaining environment for your plants. Simply drill drainage holes in the bottom of the barrel, add soil and plants, and let the rainwater take care of the watering. Rain barrel planters are an excellent choice for urban gardeners who want to minimize their water usage and create a sustainable and eco-friendly garden.

In conclusion, there are plenty of unique and creative DIY planters available for urban gardeners to explore. From hanging planters and vertical planters to upcycled and repurposed containers, there is a planter for every style and space. Whether you repurpose everyday items like old tires and wine corks or get creative with vintage furniture and book planters, these DIY projects not only add charm and personality to your urban garden but also help you reduce waste and embrace sustainability. So, roll up your sleeves and unleash your creativity to transform your urban space into a vibrant and green oasis. Happy gardening!

10 Unique DIY Planters For Urban Gardeners